About Our Company

Lana Logan is the owner and Broker of L&W Gulf Breeze Real Estate, LLC.  Lana began her real estate career in Putnam County, Florida in the early 1990’s.  Moving to Taylor County in 2000 she continued in the real estate industry.  Gulf Breeze Real Estate opened in 2005 and continues to serve Taylor and surrounding counties today.

Lana’s husband, Wesley Logan became licensed as a Realtor in 2003.  He has been in the sales industry for over 30 years.  Their combined experience and strengths make a great Leadership Team together with the group of salespeople, all who have an extensive history in the real estate industry.

Their company motto that they strive in all decisions, transactions, clients and with each other is a proverb from the Bible:  

A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving  Favour rather than silver and gold.”
Proverbs 22:1